The Singing DJs

a female singing on stageI remember the first time I heard electronic music with live singing. It was probably about 10 years ago. It was a YouTube video of Trentmoller performing their song Moan. They were using live instruments onstage to create the electronic sound and they had a woman singing the lyrics. It was mesmerizing and beautiful and I watched it over and over.

You have probably seen the video. It became quite famous. It was the first time I’d seen anything like it and it spurred me to look for more things like it as well. Here it is, in case you have not yet seen it:

Naturally, this was far from the first time someone had done this. People had been singing to electronic music for a long time and they had created that music live on stage before too, just like they had been using unusual instruments like the trumpet for EDM. It was just the first time I saw it.

I had heard singing with electronic music before. I was a big Crystal Method fan and the album Vegas has two tracks on it where a woman sings. She has a beautiful voice and they are the best tracks on the album. My friends and I used to listen to them all the time.

I started looking for all kinds of tracks that were similar, because I love that combination of a beautiful female voice with electronic music. I discovered Timo Maas, a German DJ and electronic music producer who has one song called Love in Traffic that he did with Kelli Ali, the lead singer of The Sneaker Pimps. It is amazing and I still listen to it all the time to this day.

Another song I discovered is State of Grace by Swayzak. Kirsty Hawkshaw sings on the song and her vocals are gorgeous. Unfortunately, toward the end of the song, she starts speaking in German. This is less gorgeous. Her German is not good and the lyrics are ridiculous, so there’s really no reason to do this at all. It kind of ruins the beautiful song, but as long as you ignore that part, it’s a great tune.

There’s so many good singers that DJs have no problem finding someone to sing live during their performances. Many DJs also learn how to sing better on their own, so they can accompany themselves. This is probably a good business decision, but it only makes sense if they actually are able to improve their singing voice. They have to know how to sing well, otherwise this endeavor will fail.

Learning to sing is not as hard as you might think. You just need to focus on the fundamentals of singing and get those down. Once you have the fundamentals down, in other words you know how to breathe correctly, you have a good posture, you know where to position your tongue and how to position and move your mouth, etc., then your voice will improve dramatically.

Once you have got the basics down, you are a decent singer. To become a really great singer, you just need to keep practicing a lot. Put in some work and you will have a great new sound. That said, I always find that female voices sound better, so if you are not a woman, then perhaps you should just hire out the singing job.