Hammocks Are Great For World Traveling DJs

DJ relaxing in hammockYou’re a new DJ who only just started traveling to play your music around the world.

Allow me to make a few guesses about you.

You are poor.

Yes, since you are starting out as a DJ, I can assume you are poor. True, you may have family money or something like that, but most beginning DJs are poor.

And just because they begin playing internationally, it does not mean they are making more money. Generally, DJs who play internationally travel on their own dime and find gigs locally at whatever place they happen to be. They try to find the cheapest accommodation and cheapest food and to spend as little as possible, because they are not getting paid much.

It is a fair assumption in your case?

My number one traveling tip for DJs

This tip is actually something that most budget backpackers already know.

I’m sure you’ve heard of staying in hostels to save money. Or perhaps you’ve heard of staying on campsites or something like that. Both are, in fact, great ways to save money. But you can save even more and you can make yourself more comfortable.

Do you know how?

Buy A Hammock

Hammocks are amazing. If you know how to sleep in them than they are super comfortable. More comfortable in any bed. The key is to buy the right hammock and to sleep diagonally in the hammock. This allows you to straighten your body and makes them so comfortable. It is like your floating on air, so there are no pressure points on your body. You wake up more refreshed and you will not feel sore in the morning like you often do from a bed.

But how do hammock save you money?

They save money, because many hostels will let you hang your hammock on their property. They will still charge you, but they will charge you much less than if you use the bed. This means that you can use their shower, their kitchen and various other amenities, but you are not using a bed. They can still sell that bed to someone else. For this reason they give you half off on a night’s day or more. It is a great way to save money and actually be more comfortable.

hanging a hammock in a hostel

And when you’re camping it’s the same thing. As long as you are in a warm weather place, you can simply hang your hammock between two trees just about anywhere. Sleeping outdoors is a bit more dangerous in some locations and you want to take her care of your stuff. As a traveling DJ you probably have some expensive equipment, so I would definitely recommend hostels for you. That way you have access to their lockers. That is important.

Nevertheless, if you sleep outdoors, the hammock is wonderful. Just make sure your equipment is well taken care of somewhere. If it gets colder, I would not recommend a hammock, because it can get quite cold. There are some things you can do, though. You can use a sleeping bag in the hammock and you can travel with an under quilt. An under quilt wraps around the outside of your hammock and keeps you nice and warm even in cold weather.

In addition to that, if you ever stay somewhere longer and get an apartment, a hammock does not simply go unused. I still use mine all the time. I love gardening and even though I never have an outdoor garden, since I always live in cities, I do try to keep plants indoors. I’ve even bought grow lights to help with my houseplants. And the hammock allows me to relax in my little garden, no matter how small, and enjoy some peace and tranquility.

Traveling with a hammock is a great money-saving idea. It is also wonderful for your sleep. You will see, you’ve never slept as good as you will in a hammock, once you get yourself a comfortable one and you sleep in it the correct way. Now go get yourself a travel hammock and see what I mean!